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PRP, or in other saying Platelet-Rich Plasma is using of the platelet rich plasma obtained by taking blood from a person and after being centrifuged of
that blood according to need in face for renewing the skin, and giving brightness; and in hair to strengthen the hair follicles.
In this liquid obtained, there are millions of stem cells and growth factors. Because the patient’s own tissues are used, it is a quite natural,
skin-stimulating, and refreshing treatment.
Normally when a wounding occurs in our body, a blood stream increase and platelet increase occurs to that area. The texture is repaired with the cells
and growth factors released from this platelet. And by the PRP, it is obtained platelet in the proportion and amount that cannot be provided by normal
blood stream. Here with this PRP, averagely 2-4 times more platelet cells are given into the tissue; by this means, repair and renewal are much more.
How Is The PRP Performed?
Several tubes of blood taken from a vein in your arm are centrifuged.
In these centrifuges, in high speed of revolutions, blood cells called platelet which provides the blood clotting separate after some time.
Then, these cells are intervally injected into the skin with a very fine needle.
Thus, the collagen and elastic fibers become stimulated. PRP treatment is as the same with a mesotherapy, filling application.
In What Areas Is PRP Used?

  • Renewing the skin
  • Reducing the skin wrinkles
  • Spot treatment
  • Accelerating healing of the skin after laser
  • Reducing hair loss
  • Strengthening hair follicles
  • Stretch marks treatment
  • Scar treatment
  • Acne scar treatment

Even if PRP is used in all of these fields, in practice it is mostly used to liven up, renew the skin, and strengthen the hair follicles.
And except the cosmetic applications, PRP is also used in cases such as dental applications, orthopedic disorders, sports injury,
tendon diseases, and non-healing wounds as promoting the healing.
In Which Areas Of The Body Can The PRP Treatment Be Used?

  • Face
  • Under eyes
  • Neck and décolleté region
  • On-hand
  • Hair root

In fact PRP can be used in all of the body regions.
To Whom The PRP Is Not Performed?
It is not applied in the patients with low platelet number In the cancer patients.