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Medical Aesthetic


Some wrinkles and undesired lines are formed on our face by the age, sunlights, and mimic movements. We use dermal fillers that got diversified in recent years to get rid of these lines.
Where are dermal fillers used?
As well as we can use the dermal fillers directly in hollowed, sunken areas, or the area we want to bring volume in;
indirect applications can also be performed by the modern fillers in our day.
To give an example to this, it can be provided the under eye hollows to seem less hollowed and better, by performing a filler application right under
the under eye hollow without filling the hollow. In other words, with direct and indirect applications, changes can be provided on whole face.

• Lines coming down from each sides of the nose (Nasolabial Lines)
• Lines between the nose and the mouth (Philtral Lines)
• Lip augmentation
• Radial lines around lips
• Corner lip lift
• Wrinkles around eyes
• Camouflaging under eye bags
• Correcting under eye hollows
• Lines on forehead
• Brow lift
• Acne scars
• Deformities formed as result of accident or trauma
• Cheek and cheekbone augmentation
• Bring volume in tip of the chin
• Non-surgical nose job, nasal correction
• Making chin corners noticeable
• Correction of some asymmetries in the body