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About Us

About Us

Short Story About Ritual Health Services

We provide to you, our valued customers personal services on aesthetics and beauty by blending technology and the experiences of our licensed estheticians who has years of experience on medical aesthetics.

We are closely following the technologic and cosmetic enhances so that we can provide you a better service based on trust and satisfaction for you to feel better both mentally and physically. 


Our main mission is turn your journey into a ceremony of aesthetic and beauty care by expanding the time of your experiences instead of restricting it to a single session and to make you feel special by creating your beauty ritual by personal programs.

We aim to offer you the neatest services by working hard for you, managing research and development to follow the current trends along with our center’s atmosphere, high-tech devices, the products we use, and well-trained team on hair transplant and treatment.


We are partnered with Turkey’s best plastic surgeons on aesthetics and health advisory as our second area of interest. Especially to our customers coming from the Gulf Area and Europe, we provide services of hair transplant, plastic surgical operations, hair treatments with supplementary and preventive treatments, and advisory. Also, as the Ritual family, we take care of the needs of our customers with high technology and apply the best-fit treatment by considering every single detail about our customers.

All hair transplant and plastic surgical operations occur in hospitals with our expert doctors, medical team and experienced staff.

The fears of many customers “HAVING AN OPERATION ABROAD”

I have never been in Turkey and I do not know the language…

Where should I accommodate?

How I am going to transfer?

What should I do after the operation and what are the possible complications?

How should I choose the hospital and the doctor that will do my operation?

Answering all those questions, organizing the matters related to operation and guide you well, providing the translation services to make you feel at home are all part of our job that we love to do.


We believe in 100% satisfaction by the collaboration of personal programs and our expert team. We believe that we will turn the applications and operations that you call “irreversible” into happiness with the sincerity and trustworthiness of our expert team.


We work to make you feel home from A to Z with the delightful personal systems which are the results of long years of trainings and teamwork.

We protect the connection between you and our services, team and expert doctors.


We recommend and implement personal and the best-fit treatments and operations based on many factors such as face, body, hair, structure, nutrition, age and gender.

As the Ritual family, we feel obliged to fulfill your needs and make you satisfied with our solutions and treatments. In summary, we are ready to serve you the most delightful and the best-fit treatments 24/7 with our expert team who adopted these principles.