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Botox (Botulinum toxin) is a kind of toxin obtained from the bacteria called Clostridium botulinum.
Botox, in other words this benign toxin, has an effect mechanism that prevents release of the substances providing the conduction in nevre endings,
and stops the conduction between the nerves and the target organ. The interruption of nevre conduction as a result of botox provides
failure to comply with the given order,
reducing or completely removing of funtions of the organ that nevre reached.
Botox, which can also be produced in laboratory environment, has been used in different treatment and diseases in medicine for many years,
and become quite popular in class of the aesthetic and cosmetic purpose applications in our day.
It is benefited from the effect mechanism of botox in many fields in medicine. And in the field of plastic surgeryand cosmetic,
it is used to reduce sweating in excessive sweating regions, and reduce the lines, mimic wrinkles on the face that are generally formed by the movements of mimic muscles.

Statistical data came from USA in recent years have shown that botox (bt-x) application is the most performed medical aesthetic treatment,
and also that has showed the highest increase in applying. There are same directed data also in our country. Even if still some people did not hear
its name at all, this situation decreases very quickly.
Botox that the easiest way of non-surgically getting rid of age lines and wrinkles disturbing us on our face has gone into use in cosmetics
safely and successfully for 15 years.
Working for years of the mimic muscles, genetic factors, and habits make the folds covering muscles clearer,
and thus dynamic linings in other words wrinkles on the face emerge. The most common dynamic lines are seen on forehead, between brows, eye corners (crow’s feet) and around the mouth. Lines on forehead, on lip and eye corners give an older appearance, and lines between brows give a beetle-browed, glare expression to the person.

By performing botox application in these dynamic muscles on the face, the activity of mimic muscles is reduced; blockage of neuromuscular conduction and decreased muscle
power and mobility by making botox also reduce the skin covering muscles to be fold with dynamic movements, and also decrese line-wrinkles formed by this. Thus, an abvious improvement is also provided in face shape that may look tired and angry.
Doctors who engage in cosmetics say that the age wrinkles are formed by skin recession as a result of contraction of muscles under the skin.

At the end of relaxation of these muscles after botox, the wrinkles decrease or completely disappear.