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Medical Aesthetic

Hair Removal

What is laser hair removal?
Laser with open writing “Light Amlification by Stimulated Emmition of Radiation” is transmitting the laser light into a flat beam in single wavelength.
When applied to the skin, it is absorbed by the pigment melanin in hair follicle by passing through the skin.
Laser hair removal devices are classified according to the wavelengths tey use.
The lasers used in medicine for years are developed in the most effective and safe way.
They are four groups as ruby, alexandrite, nd-yag and diode. Alexandrite and Diode is the effective ones in this group.
Contrary to what is believed, the photoepilation method also called IPL is not laser.
Laser hair removal is removing the unwanted hair in the body by laser beam.
In our center, FDA-approved, received 2005-2006 best laser hair removal prize Cynosure APOGEE 5500 Alexandrite and Asclepion MeDioStar
MIXT Diode Laser are used.
How is the hair affected by laser hair removal?
As we mentioned above, when laser is applied it is absorbed by the pigment melanin in hair follicle, and converted into heat energy here.
The heat in hair follicle reaches 60-70 degrees, in this way the follicle is destroyed and nutrition of hair is damaged.
As well as the hair follicles change in various places of the body, they 2-5 mm below the skin.
The distance that the wavelength of laser hair removal device reaches under
the skin should be within these limits.
Otherwise, the enrgy cannot reach to the hair follicle and thus the hair will not be destroyed.
While hair is removed by selective photothermolysis (pulsed tunable dye laser-SPTL) method in the laser hair removal, laser beam is pulsed
to the extent not to damage the surrounding tissues.
For this reason, by taking into account the skin color, hair color,
hair thickness and density for a safe and effective hair removal, determination of the energy value to be pulsed to the skin,
and the pulsation time is very important.