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Medical Aesthetic

Hair Removal

General Information

Laser epilation is the permanent and healthy removal of unwanted hair using laser energy.

The laser beam applied to the skin is absorbed by the melanin pigment, which gives its color to the hair, and selectively concentrates on the hair root without damaging the surrounding tissue. It creates heat in the hair root and destroys the hair root.

At the end of the regularly applied sessions, the treated area is free of hair.

Other Sub-Applications

Ice Laser Hair Removal

  • Ice Laser, which is one of the latest technology laser epilation methods, is a comfortable laser epilation application that does not feel pain and pain. Ice Laser eliminates pain and pain by keeping ice on the application area at the time of application with its special head.
  • Especially in men with low pain threshold and hard hair structure, Ice Laser Technology can get rid of unwanted hair in difficult areas such as back, neck and cheeks in a short time without experiencing pain and pain. It is also effective on light yellow hairs, quince hairs and red hairs.
  • Ice Laser is a method that can be safely applied in summer and winter seasons. Suitable for all skin types with light and dark skin.

Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal

The Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal System has been approved by the FDA and is widely accepted among the systems that provide permanent hair removal results. This method, which is generally preferred for light-colored skin and dark-colored hair, has a common usage area. The Alexandrite laser system eliminates unwanted hair and minimizes effects such as staining and burning on the skin.

In Which Areas Can Laser Epilation Be Applied?

Laser epilation can be applied to the armpit area, genital area (sensitive area), bikini area, arm, leg, back, chin, nape and neck areas. Depending on the area, skin type and hair structure, application should be made with different devices.

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